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😞 I have a very big problem?
WHAT can I use to see myself in the water off of lake ontario?????????
i tried and tried but i still can't see a reflection of myself?
am i stupid or is there some speacial trick to it? 😞

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Make sure "show shadows on ground" is checked
Turn up special effects
Turn up water to 1x High

Just a suggestion from the top of my head.

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JLangevin First Officer

You can see yourself in the water if you are in a water aircraft, touching the water with Water 2.x Low, you can see it while you are in the air with 2.x Medium, you can see everything reflelect, including the ground with 2.x High/Max

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for realism, don't do it. i live on the lake, and it's too dirty to reflect anything.

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I leave mine at 2.x Low... thats the most realistic to me... Where I fly, in my home town, we dont have many lakes or rivers, but from what I have flown over, there is no reflection like FSX shows. I like 2.x Low because the water still moves, and the planes, boats. etc will reflect when close to the water, but not the clouds, or the land, etc.

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