weard cloudy mist thing all the time

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ok there is a weard mist when i get to around 6000ft. it happens with all types of weather. i tryed having it just clear skyes and it didnt work. the with thunderstorms it didnt work its always their even in real time weather. ive tryed altering my graphics settings and that still didnt work.

can someone please help

thank you

ps sorry about my bad spelling im rubbish at it.

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snap a picture, post it on, make a link here so that we can see what you are talking about.

shadowcheese Guest

will do later though. i have to go out but i will do later tonight.

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I think I know what you're talking about. When you get about I.E. 4,000FT the ground looks hazy but when you decend below that it looks like a normal textures. Right?

I think that's is normal, but I could be wrong.. Let's see a picture just in case, and see if Radarman or any other mods can explain it.

shadowcheese Guest

ok i have never added pics b4 so sorry if it doesnt work. the first is under the weard misty thing and the second above. this is on a clear sky day thing :s.

this time the blanket was alot higher at 15000ft but its usually at 3000-5000ft so when im landing i cannot see the runway please help me if u can ty.


I think i know what you mean. I get it sometimes.

I have no idea at what altitude it appears nor when it disappears, but basically in VC mode in my 737 (dont fly much else), when i look out the left side window, i see a haze below me but nothing infront and no matter where i look its there below me and travelling at the same speed as me. When i do a spot view i can see the haze travelling with me.

Normally by setting the weather from realistic to say a clear day and back again, it'll rectify the problem.

There are afew other bugs inflight that are around but i can't remember them.

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james (blackforce) Trainee

yeah i use to get that. but not anymore now that i got active sky 6.5 oh and you don.t get the one that go along with you no more either

shadowcheese Guest

ive tryed that guest person but it didnt work. is there any freeware patches for it except sp1 (i think its called that) cos i have that.

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I suspect it would not be as apparent or blatant with a better system.

Maybe try increasing the weather quality settings? Although I doubt you could as frames dropped from 21 to 9 between your two screenies.

It has all the signs of a low end graphics card/system. Rather than being a gradual transparent haze it has become a sheet of paper.

You could also try and turn the 'Thermal visulisation' to none in the weather tab.

Other than this, I am not sure.

shadowcheese1 Guest

ok i will try that ty. yes my computer is a rubbish one so i agree with u that it could be that. Crying or Very sad

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