Time/Clock problem in FS9

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Hi Guys,

One thing i cant understand in FS9 is the time. I have specifically asked FS9 to use the current world time which is in my XP clock, but everytime i run the game i always end up inserting the correct GMT time.

Any ideas?

I downloaded a program just now from avsim which is supposed to help out in this time/clock problem, but just before the final install button, I cancelled the installation because it does not mention any where that it works on FS2004. The program is called FS Real Time. Also I dont want it to mess up my FSUPIC or whatever that is.

How do I find out what version of FSUPIC i am running? I know i havent done anything to FS9 except install the last patch that came out.


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Go to start/search and look for FSUPIC, when you find it you'll be able to tell what version you have by the number.

The latest.


Go here and there is a list of the programs that can use FSUIPC free.


Or here is the forum to post for information about the app.



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