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I am using a 737 700 to fly from Blackpool to Dublin, but every time i come to Land at Dublin it diverts me to land on a Visual Runway, when contacting ATC i cannot change airports, even thought 3 of which have ILS. All i can do is alter pattern. Is there anyway around this? Cloudy days make it practically impossible to land.

Also whats the Auto Land button for? Never noticed it until today as im usually using FSX but reverted back to FSX as theres not much difference besides it being power hungry. Can Auto Land help me down on a visual runway? Or is it an ILS thing, because if it is i dont need it anyway. I'm fine doing ILS approaches.


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Autoland is connected directly with ILS. As for the visual approaches can't help ya. Sorry. 😉

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Have you set up a flight plan using the IFR? You can only land with an ILS using IFR, not VFR.

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Anonymous wrote:

.. it diverts me to land on a Visual Runway, when contacting ATC i cannot change airports..

Are you instructed to do a 'Circling Approach'?


Yes the flight plan is set out with High Altitude IFR route. I am using FS2004. As FSX is too advanced for its time currently.

No ATC never mentioned circling just appointed me to land on visual runway 34 and i can only change approach not runway. I find it difficult to land when 1. There are no VORs i can use to align with the runway and 2. I cant see a thing in low level cloud.

Your help is much appreciated.

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ILS is a type of approach, so try changing the approach they assigned to you. If an airport has at least one runway equipped with ILS it should be available for use. 😉

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