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Wow I just flew an ILS approach at London City airport. I didn't realise the approach was so steep.

This screenshot was taken when I was 3 miles out and I had just started the descent from 2500ft with a 8kt crosswind. The A/P couldn't keep up and I had to fly the final approach manually.

Does anybody know any other steep approaches?

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looks steep? Guest

😳 wow, it does look steep by the pic..
are you sure that you set your alt. rite???
and do you know were the DME is located at london???
happy flying 😀

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Doyley Captain

I've just had a look on wikipedia. It used to have a glideslope of 7.5 degrees and is now 5.5 degrees 😳 😳


whats that box on the top left and how u get it there?

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That is radar contact. An alternative ATC.

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I have flown the 737 into LCY, had to use speedbrakes on approach to slow the bird down.

The best A/C to fly into LCY is the Lear.

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I was flying from Heathrow, doing a touch and go at London City then back to Heathrow online in a 787. Went a bit too fast so had to lift up before hitting the Thames!

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Try SEMA runway 19 at night (I was given runway 19 approach by the ATC --- yeah right!!!) Only had the gps to navigate my approach, and was peering out the window into the inky blackness trying not to hit the hills. Ended up having to defy the ATC and land on runway 01.


Doyley wrote:

That is radar contact. An alternative ATC.

im sorry but how do u get it there. im kinda new to fsx and am still learning

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