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Hi all, I was wondering if you could offer some assistance in missed approaches. During my Instrument Checkride, I am being asked to "turn around and perform a missed approach". I've searched for missed approach lessons but couldn't find any. I would realy appreciate it if you could direct me to a place where I could find some info, or give me the steps involved for a succesful missed approach.

Thanks in advanced.

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elkinallen Guest

I did not review the program that you are using, bu the MAP (missed approach proc.) is on the approach plate. You know, the IFR approach plate. You usally do the TOGA thing and go back via vectors or own nav to the IAF (Initial approach fix).


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In the Instrument Checkride, you must perform that missed approach in a very specific way, or the instructor will fail you. There have been a few threads about it here; you need to search. But I think the lady say "Go around," not "Turn around." You need to fly the right heading, speed, rate of climb, and altitude out to the next beacon, and then she will give you more (confusing) instructions.

Good luck,


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Steeev Trainee

I hate that woman!
She tells me my bank is too steep, and fails me for a shallow bank... What's that all about?

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John (hawkump) Trainee

Steeev wrote:

I hate that woman!
She tells me my bank is too steep, and fails me for a shallow bank... What's that all about?

I know Steve...I requested a male checkride FI. He wasn't so bitchy! Twisted Evil 😉

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