How to restore deleted aircraft?

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nickandlisa1980 Trainee

I accidentally deleted some default FSX aircraft out of the aircraft folder.
Is there any way I can restore the default aircraft without entirely reinstalling FSX?

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Ryan (737FLIER) First Officer

Check your recycling bin, If they are not there re-install it.

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nickandlisa1980 Trainee

Already emptied, is there no way to restore them? I really don't want to reinstall, as that would Also mean I would have to reinstall my addons and sp 1.

canyoudo Guest

is it possible to do a modify with the fsx install disk??????
and you pick what to install?
or you could explore the disks for them(a hourly time consuming headache)

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Ryan (737FLIER) First Officer

Mabey you can get someone to download them into a folder for you and then you can get them that way. Other that that Re-installing is the only way I know.

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Doyley Captain

Which A/C have you lost?

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nickandlisa1980 Trainee

thanks for the replies, I am just going to reinstall, doing that now.


i think there is an option to repair

Dalex64 Guest

Yes, there is a repair option. I just used it the other day because my autopilot went all funky and wouldn't do LNAV, just VNAV.

Just put in the first cd, hit repair.

Then, re-run FSX SP1.

If you used the small texture pack, you will have to re-apply that.

It left everything in my modules folder alone, so I did not have to re-install fsuipc or fsinn. It might be a good idea to copy your modules folder anyway, just in case.

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