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Hi myself and partner have recently purchased flight simulator x

and no matter what we do we can not line up with the runway in order to land

we really want to learn this but find the lessons and instructions difficult.

Any1 in thew Uk willing to teach us we will pay.
worcestershire area

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go to the lessons.
there is a instructional video.

greedydude Guest

😳 PAY????????!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😳
i suggest that you go to yer local airport, and ask for flying instructions on real ones!!!! 😀

744simpilot Guest

go to the lessons(Learning Center) , this is the first step for the beginners.

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Ryan (737FLIER) First Officer

Use auto land. It takes a little while to learn. Just practice.

poo-poo Guest

many airports don't support approach mode, or nav.!!!!!!!!!!!
there used to be a download that put a lil thingy on yer windscreen, to aid in lining up the runway, 😂
take long student turns out, line up the runway, if the rear of the runway is to the left you are to far to the left, if the rear of the runway is to the right then your to the right of the runway. bank to correct. do the tutorails. and practice, takes time to get it rite.

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anonymouse91 First Officer

When I first started with Flight Sim (2002), I couldn't land properly at all and just landed on the ground anywhere 😂

Just practise and you'll get the hang of it. Try an ILS landing too to see how the plane lines up. Theres a guide on it around here or on the Flight Simulation forums.

A good tip is to try landing in an ultralight first, then move onto props, then jets. Oh, and do the lessons. They really help with landings and such.


just practice and practice

do it over again, and again, and again, and agin...

don't matter how many times you crashed, it is only a sim,

but practice and practice you must

practice and practice until your hands are sored

practice and practice until your eyes can nolonger open

practice and practice and practice

there is no other way

but to practice and practice


why does fsx load the scenary again every time i crashes the plane and have to fly again?

shouldn't the scenary stay on ram ?

p.s. i have 2 gb.

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