does anyone know any good freeware AI aircraft?

kantk2007 Guest

does anyone know any good AI aircraft for these airlines-
Cathay Pacific
Philippine Airlines
Air Canada
Air New Zealand


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For the Air Canada types, Aardvark makes very nice 762 & 763 models, with FS Painter offering the A333 & A343, all of them for AI use and in Air Canada's latest colours. They look a heck of a lot better than many of the current AI models out there. In fact, each might provide some of the other airlines you are looking for as well. Pic of the FS Painter A343 below:

poo-poo Guest

😂 you will find that there all about the same! pai, woai, aia.ect... Payware like UT and freeware are the same, many are the same model and paints from the sam authors. 😂

kantk2007 Guest

ok thanks.... but I don't really know how to install the AI aircraft, can someone help? Thanks for the ideas though!! 😂

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World of AI has its own install program. Just download it, then the packages you want, and it will do the rest. Dont know about the others.

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just install normal aircraft of those types and then fly online other people will be flying in those airlines problem sorted


poo-poo Guest

😂 IF i was you, I would go with world of AI over Project AI, because WOAI installer works in FSX and pai doesnot pai you hafta do a manual install. so if ya don't know how yet; WOAI would be a better choice right now, till pai gets a fsx installer.
you just unzip the installer well i did in a folder i named woai.installer inside my documents. and down load a airline or military or cargo package.
unzip into a temporary folder.
donot unzip the zip file that is inside the original zip
start up the installer, pick the zip file that was inside the original zip.
pick were you want to install
press next and chug, chug, chug, walla yer done.
fire up fsx and go to airports they are at, and watch em go 😂

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