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hey just installed flight simulator 2004 again yesterday after taking a long break and i've encountered a problem that ruins the whole experience.

Last time I played FS9 I could run the game with decent framerates all the way through on high settings but now I only get decent frames as soon as my wheels leave the ground or when i'm stationary on the tarmarc. I get about 3fps as soon as i start rolling regardless of the settings, I have turned them down to minimal and put them up to ultra high but I still get the same results, as soon as my wheels leave the ground the fram rate instantly jumps back up to about 35fps, I never had this problem last time and I have the exact same hardware and peripherals, only change is my operating system is now Windows XP Media Center w/SP2, instead of Windows XP Professional w/SP2.

I can't understand why this is happening, any ideas?

oh yeah specs of PC:

Processor: AMD Athlon 64 3000+ 1.8GHz
RAM: 1Gb Generic DDR400
Grapic Card: ATI x800gt 256mb PCI-E
Hard-drive: 80Gb 7200rpm IDE
Sound Card: Sound Blaster Live! 24-bit

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Let's try a few things:
1. Defrag your hard drive and check for errors.
2. Set FS to all default settings with a screen resolution of 1280 X 1024.
3. Check to see that you don't have programs running in the background that are stealing resources from FS.
4. Update Windows and your video card driver.
5. Ensure you have the latest Direct X version (9.0c)

Set at default (KSEA)airport and see what happens.

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thanks but it still refuses to work, hard drive defragged got the latest drivers and updates for windows, direct x 9.0c and I reinstalled but it continues to display this strange behaviour

EDIT: here's a video to better show whats happening, I forgot to show that when idle on the ground I have no frame loss

It seems that the problem kicks in when I reach about 5kts

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still got the problem, I got a feeling its related to sound because after a certain IAS about 10kts the sound of the wheels on the tarmac starts to play and thats the same time my frame loss problem kicks in and continues to be a problem until I leave the ground (when the sound would stop playing) as the video demonstrates, as soon as the wheels touch the ground again (when the sound would begin to play) the frame loss problem re appears

I have tried disabling enviroment sounds so that I can't hear it but it must still be playing.

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ok problem solved, it was what i least expected to be ca using the problem ... force feedback

I was on an approach to Cardiff when I got annoyed at the crosswind so I turned force feedback off to get better control of the aircraft, little did I know I just solved my problem ... above the runway threshold expecting to tuchdown and the game to turning into a slideshow I was very releived to find that my frames remained good so I tested it a few more times in different locations with different aircraft and the problem appears to have gone completly.

The joystick I was using was a Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback Pro, bought it back when I picked up a copy of FS2000

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