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New member - default 777 repaints

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Hi all, I've been looking at this site for a few months and finally decided to join in as everyone seems so friendly and seem to get a lot more from flight sim from joining.

Anyway, my first question:

I've just downloaded and installed Tony Potters great repaints of the default 737 and 747 (to BA, KLM, Qantas etc.) and noticed in the readme files that 777 repaints are available. I've searched the flyaway downloads and the aircraft forum for anything on this. Can anyone tell me where to get them as it would be nice to get rid of all the Soar and Pacifica etc.

Thanks guys,


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Sorry but this is all I could find at both of the super sites.

Tony Potters 737's were found.


This is the only one at for Potter.

FS2004 Boeing 777-300 AI Replacement Pack

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Name: Size: 1,906,131 Date: 08-15-2003 Downloads: 10917
FS2004 Boeing 777-300 AI Replacement Pack. Replacement for the default B777's Landmark, Soar, Pacifica, and Orbit with Alitalia, American, Japan Airlines, and United Airlines. They are all flyable and will be replacement's for the default B777 AI aircraft. By Tony Potter


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Thanks Radarman, I think that's the one i'm looking for. Managed to find the 737 and 747 on this sight, but will nip over there now and download that one.

Thanks again!


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