Can't Add FS9 Repaints

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Hi there,
Recently I purchased FSD's Pilatus PC-6 Landplane/Amphibian/Skiplane bundle. I also have Flight1's ATR72.
I've found some wonderful repaints for each aircraft of airplanes that fly around where I live. So I went ahead and pasted the files in and edited the .cfg and stuff. Somehow FS9 refused to show the repaints.
I went back and checked 3 million times if the .cfg was right. It was perfectly right. Spelling, numbering, syntax...
I finally decided I should try this with the default C172. I added another "temporary" entry in its .cfg. No changes either.
This means that I can't add ANY repaints to my FS9. What's going on? Mad

I'm running Windows 7 Professional x64 on an HP dv6-1101ax laptop, with an AMD Athlon x2 QL-64 @2.1GHz, 4GB DDR3 RAM and ATi Radeon HD4650 graphics.

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Be sure the number is in the correct sequence, if it is and it doesn't work I can guess at two things.
1-Chance the number up one, if you have it at 2 make it 3.
2-Be sure you are doing this as the administrator or the changes you make aren't being saved in W7.


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