Will this increase my FPS



After reinstalling windows and getting a new tft lcd I can not get the settings right in fsx to display the level of detail I had before which was quite high without no autogen but still looked good with airport traffic, ground vehicles etc and fps around the 15 mark.

Well I can't seem to get it looking decent enough and only hit aout 6fps now.

I have this setup:

Asrock DUAL-VSTA S939

Club3d GeForce 6600 256mb
1 GB Ram (2 x 512mb) - Crucial ram

Would this make a difference.

Same Mobo
Increase Ram by 1GB

XFX GeForce 8500GT 512mb


XFX Geforce 8500GT 256mb


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Same Mobo
Increase Ram by 1GB


saint4 Guest

What about the graphics card? Keep the one I got or go for which of the 2 specified?


XFX Geforce 8600GT 256mb it's much better and around the same price


saint4 wrote:

What about the graphics card? Keep the one I got or go for which of the 2 specified?

fsx is cpu bound.
no use wasting money on graphics card at the moment. wait till dx10 comes out, the dx10 graphics card choices will be plenty, and cheaper too.

saint4 Guest

It is a DX 10 card, I will not be upgrading to Vista either and DX10 is only for vista so it makes no difference.


My processor is AMD Athlon runs at 2.2GHz

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