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Aloha Everyone, "Rwy12" has just been released and I tried it out and like it very much, a great program for adding objects to the FS scenery. You can get it at Avsim. Pretty straight forward using the slew commands to place the objects. (and its FREE and open ended) Ric 😀

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Aloha Riclo,

I was wondering since you live in Kau if you have looked into the program for FS2004 called 'Fly to Hawaii' by FlightSoft? Very realistic Hawaiian Airlines DC -10 (old colors.) I have recently looked into it and read the entire product knowledge guide and now have recently placed an order.




Aloha George, A very nice plane package, but I am into scenery programs for the Islands since I design planes for GA VFR flights.(mostly) I would like to make the scenery for the Big Island in the near future, starting with Old Hilo Town. (Fell in love with the Islands when I was stationed here, back in the late sixty's,semper fi) Ric

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Embarassed Boy! It's been a long day. Sorry George, thats me as the "guest" Thought I was signed in. Ric

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No problem Riclo!

I took that to be you as you sounded the same as in previous posts. Interesting how even typing and over the internet a personality conveys!


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