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1st ov all, My flight simulator 2004 has not been working. First, there was a deep scratch on my FSDISC1, making the installation stop on 18% on complete installation, and 30% on the compact (Express) installation. UNBELIEVIBLY, after a lot of work of taking the scratches off of my cd, i FINALLY got it out and i installed it on the complete installation. By the way, TOOTHPASTE, and BAKING SODA infact does work on the CD's scratches...but now its installed,and every time i open it, it loads up with the main screen, then my computer COMPLETELY shuts itself off! IS THERE ANY SUGGESTIONS?!! If you do, email me at, or reply... thanks!


Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Meets all FS2004 requirements

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😕 Drivers,drivers,drivers
Make sure your upto date with graphic drivers and DirectX

For XP to shut down totally make sure all fans are working(fs9 is VERY power hungry,CPU and GFX and can get things HOT)

You say your pc meets requirements...What ? min,max ?

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Aloha Sonic, Well if you check you might be able to exchange the cd's for new ones, as I had the same problem with number 4 disc. I called the store and they told me to just send it in and they would exchange the Sim. (seems that a few were scratched in production) Ric

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Not to copy anyone else (i did not read the replys) Here's how I see it.

Even though you seemed to fix the scratch, the data from the scratch cannot be replaced with baking soda and toothpaste. Therefore, SOMETHING is missing from the files required to run FS04. Just go return it and get another.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

To replace CD.

To get new complete 2004 with rebate.


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