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Hello All:

I just got CH Pro Pedals, no doubts it gives realism to the flight. However I already have CH yoke also (both are usb). I fail to understand one thing, after installing the pedals , whenever I start a flight the plane move towards left and I have to control it and bring it in the center by the propeller mix on the yoke and then a little twist in the pedals. I have tried almost every possible way I saw that the rudder axis in yoke is assigned to the propeller so I deleted the assignment and assigned the rudder in my pro peddals but after this also the plane still move towards left and it becomes difficult to control the aircraft. Please help me friend is there anyway to overcome this problem , I need to enjoy both of these products simultaneously.

Ps: I have configured and calibrated both of the products using ch ctrl manager (new version).

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I have both the CH Yoke and the CH rudder pedals and I've had trouble also. For some reason, the assignments get duplicated and/or seem to change by themselves. Use the controller setup in Flight Simulator to make assignments.

1. Disconnect both controllers and start from scratch with the Yoke first. Double check that all of the assignments are correct and that NO rudder assignments are selected, ensure that all controls work and that the aircraft flies normally using auto rudder selected. Remove the selection of auto rudder.

2. Install/connect the pedals. When you begin to select axis assignments, be very careful because the Yoke assignments will show up also. Ensure that the only assignments for the rudder are selected within the pedals the and nothing else. Look hard because there are a lot of potential assignments.

3. Now go back and check the Yoke axis again to ensure that NO rudder assignments are set for the Yoke.

I hope it works for you. 🙂

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