CH Products problems...anyone can help please?

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Hello all,

I use CH Products Yoke and Pro Pedals (gameport version). But all of a sudden they both don't work anymore.

Normally you would connect the yoke to the pedals and the pedals to the gameport, but since that didn't work, I tried connecting the pedals directly into the gameport. This is what you would normally do if you don't use a joystick.

But the pedals don't work anymore either. So both yoke and pedals seem to be broken. I reinstalled the software a couple of times, but no luck there.

So I thought it could be the joystickport that is broken, but replacing the soundcard with another one with another gameport didn't help either! 😕

The weird thing is: The Pro Pedals don't have a chipset on board, just 3 potmeters. I can't imagine they all break down at the same time.

So when it is not the software, not the gameport and it is unlikely that 3 potmeters break down at the same time...what could it be??

HELP!!! I'd hate to have to buy a whole new set of CH products.... Crying or Very sad

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I'm afraid I can't help you much as I am not a customer of CH products. All I could find was this form.

Sorry mate.

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Thanks...I just emailed them my problem. I also posted my question on the CH forum.

Just trying everything to find the problem! It's hard going back to just a joystick when you are used to a yoke with pedals...

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