Mini FSX

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Doyley Captain

If your computer can't keep up with running FSX, try out this lite version..


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anonymouse91 First Officer

Dead Link 😞

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Doyley Captain

D'oh, looks like they are having problems. Give it some time.

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CRJCapt Chief Captain

Link works for me but I can't get the plane thru the window, good find. 👍

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Orion (ollyau) First Officer

That's a sort of fun hing to do when you are bored. My best was 71.427 m. What is your best legnth?

Edit: My score is now 98.789m.

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slicer81 Trainee

mine was 83.464 😎

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FlightSimX Trainee

114.62 for me 🙂

I'd tried to set up a league (hence the URL), but for some reason it failed.


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anonymouse91 First Officer


I still need practice 😂

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Doyley Captain

Mine is 87.496, playing it now 😀

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