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I'm flying from the Netherlands to Tokyo in my 747-400. Cruising along at 39000 feet at 486 knots---can't get the plane to go any faster than this. Anyways my plane is pitched up at 5 degrees Mad ....why is it doing this? Am I doing something wrong? Also, where are the trim controls? Thanks for any help.

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Almost all aircraft in real life are pitched up a couple of degrees. One problem for a bit steeper pitch could be the center of gravity on your aircraft. I suppose you use FSPassanger. There is a small scale just above the aircraft graphics in the loading page showing you where the center of gravity is. I try to keep it on the center by loading the aircraft with cargo properly.

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As VegasFlyer said, it's normal and realistic. It's most noticeable at high altitude and at low altitude with low speed(10,000 ft and 250 knots).

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