Airbus 380 air speed indicator

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Hello pilots.
Last weekend I download and install the Qantas Airbus 380.
First I found that the panel is the same that in the B747. But this is not a problem.
The real problem is that the air speed indicator is not working.
I don't see V1, CLB speed, CRZ speed...........anything !!
However, the altitude indicator (in the same instrument) is OK.
How can I fix this ??

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Welcome to the forums Mreed!

You have to calculate V speeds on your own. Default aircraft and panels don't offer you that and it's the same story with alot of add-ons too. Only payware models get you the r eal deal like PMDG or LEVEL-D.

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VegasFlyer, thanks for your reply.
I agree with you, but what I was traying to explain, is that the air speed indicator is not moving. It's completely static.
If I set the throttle to take off, the airplane start moving faster and faster, but the air speed indicator remains in 0 knots. Even during the flight.
So I can't set the right speeds because I can't see them.
I will appreciate your help.

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Maybe, it's because you haven't copied all the gauges to the main gauge folder. I'm not a wiz on this stuff. My advice to you is to delete that aircraft and install it again with the help of Read Me file that came with the aircraft.

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