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i am currently flying kdfw to Gatwick and when i line up with the runway i cannot find my gs indicator or my localizer where is it on the 747?
pls help

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The Glideslope(GS) indicator is located on the Primary Flight Display(PFD), right side, just inside of the altitude display. GS Indicator is also located on the Multifunction Display(MFD). MFD is the display to the right of the PFD.

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could someone tell me what the nav frequncy is for Gatwick

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click the map button .

GO to gatwick and double click.

It will open up all airport info including ils freq of all runways numbers, heading of all runways, airport elevation and weather update!


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Thanks everyone i landed 10 minitues ago and managed to get rite on the runway with 300 foot cloud base and dense fog yay!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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something else i didn't know, cheers 🙂

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