F-117 Nighthawk Install

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I am new to this so forgive me.....but I downloaded the F-117 but can't figure out how to install the Panel and Gages.

In the instructions it says to install them but it doesn't say how or to where and the gages are an rar file....I assume I have to download some kind of program to unzip this and install it somewhere.

If anyone has installed this one...I would really appreciate an assist....thanks.

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That's very unusual that it will be in a rar file.
Are you sure it's for FSX?


Leave the panel in with all the other parts in the downloaded folder that you put into the aircraft folder.
Try putting the gauge file into the main gauge file and see if they show up.
If they don't then you may have to open it and put the contents into the main gauge folder.

Post the read-me here so we can help.


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Hey thanks Radarman.....this is the most complicated install I have seen...there are zipped files inside zipped files and an rar file inside a zipped file inside a zipped file...whew.....here is the readme file. It says install the guages and Panel but doesn't say how. ...Thanks for any help.

To install this aircraft:

As always back up any original files.

1.Unzip downloaded folders to your desktop or temporary directory of your choice.

2.Copy the "F117 Nighthawk " folder and paste it in the main aircraft folder.

3. Install the Guages and Panel

4. Use the default sound file from a Lear due to size cannot upload

By default the main aircraft folder is located at:

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\FSx\SIM Objects /Aircraft .

Textures created by Mark "Fire Ball" Rooks.

Any questions e-mail me, RDGFLY05@comcast.com , use subject "Fire Ball" and I'll be sure to respond.

Enjoy your new repaint and air file.

Thanks for downloading,

"Fire Ball"

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Since you have the download in the temp window, put the panel into the downloaded aircraft folder then out that entire folder into /simobjects/aircraft.

Put the gauges (unzipped) into it.
If they don't show up then open them and put the contents of that into the main gauge folder. Then it should work.

Here is another of his that I downloaded and checked out.
He isn't doing to well with his instructions.


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Hey thanks a bunch...appreciate it. I will try that.

I am an old pilot and geek...just built myself a new PC just to run FSX...since I don't fly anymore.

Quad Core
2GB Ram
EVGA 8800GTX Video Card

Runs FSX real nice.

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Nice machine, do it yourself much cheaper and much better.

Just a few more of his aircraft and some others.


If you want, use the next button, bottom left to navigate up and back.


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The C-17 here(FSX miltary), and at simvation, are made by him as well.

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