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Can i add images eg logo, strange pics etc?


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Welcome to the forums. 😀

Yes, you can add images of aircraft that you have repainted. Other images should be posted in the screenshots forums. There is one for FS2004 and one FSX. 😉

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no i mean...

can i add a logo to the plane?

WHEN i repaint it.

like the lufthansa bird or the KLM crown etc

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FHeselton Trainee

Try the following

Load an airraft that has the logo you wish to add to your repaint.

Hilight the logo and copy it (CONTROL + C)

Load the aircraft that you are repainting

Paste the logo into to texture file. The logo will usually appear in the upper left corner of the screen area. Then all you have to do is to drag it to where you want it and resize it.

It may take some playing to get it down well, I have used this method many times.

Good luck and good painting

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I got version 2 and there is an insert image option, thanx for the replies

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Hey FHeselton,

Thanks, that info help me out, too.

Here is what i was able to do, for the tail of these AC. I tried doing the logo free hand, but it didn't come out good. But after i copied it, then pasted it. 😀 😀 😀

This first one is a Beechcraft Baron 58, my first repaint with FSRepaint. I couldn't figure out how to get the logo on the tail.

Then the 2nd AC, it is a Saab 340,

Thanks again,

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Michael Pece (mikel_p) Trainee

i c you have FSP!

very good addon!

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I use FSRepaint too for my fictitious airline... Steeler Air. See the thread I have in screenshots, you will see plenty of pix.

I had to do the logo by hand... as I have still not figured how to import a picture into FSRepaint.

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do u have version 1/2?

if its 1 you cant do it and if its 2...

When in the editing textures page, click file, load image and load an image from your PC.

Highlight around the picture and when you have the blinking lines around the pic u want press CTRL+C to copy and close THAt window.

go back into the edit textures and click CTRL+V to paste, it will appear in the top left corner.

Move it or resize it!

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Drew B (belgeode) Chief Captain

version 1.23 ... that explains it.

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