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i need help unzipping my downloads into my flightsim, i can unzip them but dont know how to get them into the flightsim so i can fly em,( the planes)

todd,,,,,,,thx 🙄

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Follow this and if you have any problems come back and ask.

You need WinZip to unzip the folders.
You can get the trial one at WinZip it's the best you can use and the trial will last for years.

I think I know what you are asking but I try answering two ways.
One, If you cannot find your downloads to "unzip" them, send them to "My Computer", "My Briefcase" or even to "Desktop".
You can enter them from any of those areas.
I download to a folder that I have in "My Briefcase" it's just handy for me that way.
I do it a more complicated way, but it works.
Make certain you have a full aircraft not just textures.

Unzip the file and now it's in it's own little window, you work from there. Dump the jpgs.


dblc on "My Computer"
dblc on The "C" drive icon.
dblc on "Program files"
dblc on "Microsoft Games".
dblc on "Flight Simulator.

Now you have all the folders laid out in front of you.
Follow the directions in the read-me that came with the aircraft.
Put the gauges in the gauge folder.
Put the effects in the effects folder.
Put the aircraft in the aircraft folder; make certain it has the correct name of the plane.

Now go crash land like I do.


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ok, good stuff, now i notice that for every plane there is a model, sound, texture, and panel folder, in the winzip window how do i know which is which, and can i just drag and drop when i figure out which is which, thx for your help


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Almost all the time only the gauges and effects are the ones that have to go into the main folders, only if the read-me specifies it.
All the rest, texture, sound, model, panel etc. will stay in the folder with the aircraft name (Cessna172) that is the folder that you put into the main aircraft folder.
For practice and some nice aircraft try this site.
His usually go right into the aircraft folder, sometimes the gauges go into the main gauge folder (sometimes). They usually stay with the one folder. One drag and drop and it's in waiting to fly.
He never to my recollection (and I don't have all his aircraft) has any effects to be moved.
Now that I've thoroughly confused you...have a nice day. 🙄


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