Reboot Problem after installing MSFS 2004

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😂 My first post so be gentle on this old timer <grin>......

Just installed 2004 A Century of Flight and all seemed ok but when shutting down my pc instead of doing a normal warm reboot it drops into disk check mode then ends up asking me to send a love letter to dear old Bill saying I have just recovered from a serious error !!

Apart from that all is working fine..... any thoughts would be appreciated

Cheers from Hiflyer

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Hiflyer, I think we need more info...your rig's specs, your OS, etc. But in general, go to My Computer>Properties>Tools Tab and schedule error check on next boot and check the "Fix" box. Otherwise, you may want to uninstall and reinstall with other running programs shut dow, like your AV. Good Luck, rob

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Thanks for the reply - I did a reinstall and the problem has gone away.

I have found my old Microsoft Sidewinder 3D Pro Plus joystick and plugged it in the games port (it's not USB) and all appears to work fine. I have calibrated the joystick several times to make doubly sure it was operating correctly but have encountered a problem with the aircraft wandering off to port on take-off. Any thoughts?

My machine is a Medion Multimedia Home Entertainment System running MS XP Home SP1 with 512mb RAM and an Intel P4 2.8GHz processor

It's been ages since my last run of Flt Sim, 95 I think it was, and with all the graphics set to very high the screen scrolls smoothly and simulator detail is most realistic. Having a 21" screen helps as well...

Just installed the update so going to have a fly around the Forth Road Bridge to see the new improvements.

All the best...


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the problem with the aircraft going to the left on take off could be due to the engine torque, you can deselect this in the aircraft settings, (i think its called p-torque)

otherwise you could switch on autorudder so that when you move the stick left it does the rudder as well as ailerons and therefore you could control the movement with tweaks of rudder,

or assign the left and right rudder the the left and right arrows (go to aircraft settings > assignments

or buy some rudder pedals - great but not cheap.

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