okay if this how worst fsx can get and how good it can get

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Bran09 First Officer

heres the worst with all settings turn down and avergeing 100fps 😳

and here are some good pics 😀

and thats it amazing wat a differnce it can have 😀

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bawls327 Captain

wow that is a big difference. Man my favorite is the 1st one. 😂

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Bran09 First Officer

haha ye amazing how low with all settings look like 😀

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Mikael (Lentomikael) Trainee

Oh my god I didn't know that FSX can be THAT horrible! 😳

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Cheeks Chief Captain

The top one looks like FS98 😳 That Caravan shot is awesome, just awesome 😀

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Bartfs Trainee

Very nice shots 😉
What are your Spec's ? 😛

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Bran09 First Officer

thank you and yes it does look like fs98 and my specs are

2 8800GTX its not in sli mode though

Dell Xps With Vista Ultimate

4 gig of ram and my system is awsome i can run max settings and averge 30fps without traffic but i also have some tweaks in there
im gonna upgrade to a 8800 ULTRA and save to get two of those

for the future or the next simulator 😳 great the next Flight Simulator to come will probly look like real life and it will suport DirectX11 OH guys i found a performence decrease when you eneble the DirectX10 FPS go down so im sticking with DirectX9 because you get better fps

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