pictures from sky harbor (56k warning - alot of pictures)

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hey this weekend i went to phoenix sky harbor (KPHX) to try out my camera (canon sd400) i got for christmas. here are some pictures and videos i took there, some of them might be out of focus cuz the lighting there wasn't very good because it was a hazy day, but i did do some editing in picasa (very good program). well here they are, hope you like them! 😉

i took this picture when we were driving around looking for a good spot to take some pictures

this pictures is a little blurry, but it shows all the planes waiting to take off

sorry for parts of the plane bening cut-off in this picture but i took it in a moving car 😕

now for these pictures we were in the parking garage. it got us really close to the planes at the gates.

here is a picture of the new us airways livery

here are some america west planes at their gates

here is an america west 737 going to its gate

close up of an america west a320 going to its gate

here is a picture of the new tower they are building

here is a southwest 737 with the ground staff getting it ready

here are two southwest 737-700's

this picture isn't that good but im showing you it to show you how smoggy it was that day

america west climbing with south mountain's radio antenas barely visible in the backround

heres a plane ive never seen before, i think its an america west theme plane

close up of the pushback

an america west crj-900 crossing the bridge

america west dash-8 q-200

i took this picture through my binoculars cuz i was upset about had small of a zoom my camera so had, it didn't turn out too bad though

the same us airways a320 from above

kinda hard to see but its a dhl dc-8

now for these pictures we were at some building and the end on runway 8, i was trying the digital zoom out, but now i know that its crap so these pictures are probably the worst of all of them, but only a couple of them are decent

here is an america west 737 on final

a crj-900 on final

a delta md-90 on final

same plane as above

an alaska 737 on final

this one was through my binoculars

well thats all my

well those are my pictures and videos hope you liked them. if anyone wants the full size pictures just ask and you can have them


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You did a fantastic job. I really enjoyed all of the pictures, wouldn't it be nice if FSX had that much detail on the ground.
Thanks for the tour. The only video link that works is the BIG ONE. I'm downloading it now. It's a pleasure to watch the way the move those huge aircraft around so easily. I've never seen a blue Southwest before.


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atreyu Captain

thanks. ok i fixed the videos they should be working now

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That's alot of 737's 😳

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Great pics Atreyu!
They sure did take ages for me to download on my slow connection, but it was worth it 😀

Heres a tip: If your on Windows XP, next time you are uploading images, select all of them and right click, then go to 'Resize' and change them all to 800x600 (Medium) It will make them smaller in file size 😉

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You've never seen a blue southwest before RM???!! I'm pretty sure that blue is the more common color than the brown/gold. Oh well, there is a first time for everone.


p.s. On my trip to florida (i mentioned earlier) we rode a blue southwest 737-700 there and back.

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Sean (SeanGa) Captain

ahh... I love these threads! downloading the vids now 🙂 thanks a lot, great pics.

love airports with bridges

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Manuel Agustin Clausse (Agus0404) Chief Captain

Great variety of photos, Atreyu! The angles also were great! I especially like the ones taken from the parking lot.

Could you send me the 6th picture in full size, please? I would like it to be my new background picture 😉

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atreyu Captain

here you go agus, glad you guys like them 😀

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alohajoe First Officer

Where those videos taken w\ your canon sd400, or your video camera? ❓

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atreyu Captain

i took them with my sd400, i think i had to compress some of those videos so they quality wasn't as good as it should've been

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Manuel Agustin Clausse (Agus0404) Chief Captain

atreyu wrote:

here you go agus, glad you guys like them 😀

Thank you Atreyu! You rock! Punk

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