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I got alot of AI aircraft from project AI and am very satisfied about the amount of real airlines in my simulator. But I hate to see the fake airlines provided by microsoft. Is there any way to get rid of the fake airlines? I have FS 2002. Thanks


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tomthetank Chief Captain

😀 Just down load some replacement textures for the default aircraft.
There are some on this site but for all of them you will have to do some searching

Good luck

DLR Guest

You can buy Ultimate traffivc or MYTRAFFIC, these will delete the fake airlines also.
I got rid of those the first day I bought fs2002 back in July 2002.
Ultimate Traffic uses real schedules, you get more airlines and no Genral Aviation.
MyTraffic, you get airlines (some of the prepaints are sucky) and you get allot of GA also. It is more real in some respects.
Ultimate Traffic is less costly, and has some better features.

Scotteiboi Guest

Just to let you know, these airplanes are not fake....i looked them up by myself...they are REAL planes and REAL airlines...

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