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GPS 500 in FS2004

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Anyone knows how to activate MAP mode in this GPS to show
the actual MAP during navigation ...
My GPS500 has the VNAV button and the gps video shows the
TERR button ..



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Good Question - I've been simming some pretty advanced Sims lately (737NG, 747RFP, etc), but I only just found out how to get the MAP mode on the standard default GPS !

It's really good - gives you a proper progress map, similar to what you get on some of the "Entertainment Systems" on Airliners, that show you where the plane in geographically against a work map.

GPS MAP Mode is activated by simply clicking the Right Hand Side of the outer "SELECTION KNOB" in the bottom right hand corner of the GPS 500.

Check it out if you haven't already - it's cool.

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