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How come I am unable to save any of the config files for the aircrafts in 2004??? I had no problems with a previous computer and previous FS9 software saving the config files.. But for whatever reason I can no longer save the config files.. I keep getting this message!!

Access to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\Aircraft\ (whichever aircraft I try) \aircraft.cfg was denied!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thank You!!

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I get a message saying it can't locate the cfg file even thou I have it open however on aircraft i works I think outside the fs folder in a folder of its own


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Hey thanks... I moved the aircraft.cfg file to my desktop and was able to edit and save it from there and just moved it back!

Now Im looking for some phantom aircraft that is installed on my harddrive somewhere but I cant find it!

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go to "my computer" then click search and search for "local settings" then you should click it then it should say "temp" open it and itll show everything you downloaded but thats the default root for downloads

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