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Right MLG Collapse - B-737

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Bill Thornton (Thunder-01) Trainee

Hi Guys,
Has anyone ever experienced a MLG collapse? I was landing at Tinker AFB, Okla., B-737, no other traffic, night, nice smooth approach, gear indicating down and locked, "when all of a suddenly..." after touchdown there I was right-wing into the runway and turning right. No sparks, no fire, no "crash" indicated. Except for the rapid right turn, all indications were normal.

Now, I'm retired AF. I never had a gear collapse that indicated down and locked (luck me), but I've witnessed a few - Sh__ happens. I've had a few hold up on touch down after indicating an unlocked/unsafe condition, (again lucky me) but....

As best as I could tell from the instant replay and from using the outside views the Rt MLG was full down, just burried into the runway and eventually the taxiway and the dirt.

Just want to know if it's happened to anyone else. For the software geeks, I'm sending this on to Micrsoft. Pray I get a response.

Thanks for listening... Keep 'em flyin',


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oldsamer First Officer

It wasn't a main landing gear (MLG) failure unless you have random failures enabled.
It amounts to pushing the aircraft graphic through the terrain boundry at a canted aerilon angle. FSX won't flag a "crash" if the planes' CG doesn't impact the terrain.

Think of it as a FEATURE not a bug, FSX will spin you around, Still a good landing in my book 😀

I've edited shift+r = repair and refuel. That pops me out of the map, ready to try it again.

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Bill Thornton (Thunder-01) Trainee

Thanks Oldsamer.
I will program the shift+r trick. It sure increased the Pucker factor by about a 4.

Good Flying,

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