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So my question is. I see videos of fsx and when they are landing the computer says minimums and then the feet from the ground as you are landing. Mine doesn't do this. Is this relative to the aircraft or a setting in fsx?

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It's probably a added on aircraft to fsx.

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yep. these are addon features. None of the default aircraft in FSX have these announcements.

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Check out these two posts guys:

If you're looking for the Project Magenta sounds, they can be found here: -- click on 'Downloads' and then on 'pmSounds'.

From the Download page:

Please note:

* to install pmSounds simply run the Setup program and follow the steps you see on the screen, the program will create its own folder and a subfolder containing the sound files.
* pmSounds might not run with some sound cards when used on the same PC as FS
* pmSounds should not be installed within any of the FS folders, it runs independently from FS, on the FS computer or on a computer in a network using WideFS
* pmSounds requires FSUIPC

BTW, the file size is understated at 1.3 MB, it's actually 5.15 MB.

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After digging around the second thread TH posted, I decided to post what was found. I haven't tried this yet.

max_warning_height = 0
sink_rate_fpm = -9999
excessive_sink_rate_fpm = -9999
climbout_sink_rate_fpm = -9999
flap_and_gear_sink_rate_fpm= -9999

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an someone explain what FSUIPC is. Does is work with FSX and what exactly does it alter or add? I guess you need this to run the call out download.

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thx for the PDF. What a great little issues here and definately add's a lot to the game for me. Thx again.

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