Interesting location for Land based vehicles....

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Hi fellow FSX users. I have found an interesting location in FSX for anyone who wishes to test out ground vehicles. Culdrose airport is a Military base, located in Cornwall, UK - ICAO: EGDR Latitude: 50°05'10"N Longitude: 5°15'21"W (or approx 20 miles east of lands end in old money). It has an A shape set of 3 runways (07, 12 18, 25, 30 and 36). Skirting the perimeter of these runways is race track type taxi system (even with a chicane) which is great for cars, trucks and motorcycles. I have had the Merc truck sideways along here and even the Lexus at full pelt down the straights is v good.

Try it out and report back.

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thats a good airport for ground vehicles
i just tried it in the red jeep
i cant drive a bloody car in real life never mind FS lol Crashed my clio into lamppost last week Embarassed
but anyway the airport is a good testing location and would be a pretty good airport for a light aircraft
im going to try my ultral light on it
nice find!!

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Thanks taylorc.

Sorry to hear about the Clio. Yes I agree it is a good airport for light aircraft including the ultral light. I will keep an eye out for other interesting finds and post them up.

Lets stay off the streets and in the air! lol


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