Best Location for Spotting at EGLL (LHR)?

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Anyone know the best location to do some real world plane spotting nearby London Heathrow Airport? Let me know. I am aware of the Myrtle Avenue location. Any other recommendation or suggestion?

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I'm thrilled to see your interest in plane spotting at London Heathrow Airport (EGLL). Although Myrtle Avenue is a popular spot, there are definitely some other locations around the airport that offer great views of aircraft movements. Let me share a few of my personal favorites with you:

  • The Heathrow Airport Viewing Platform (T4): Located on the roof of Terminal 4, this dedicated viewing platform offers panoramic views of the southern runway (27R/09L). It's a great location to observe aircraft taking off and landing. Keep in mind that access to the platform might require a security check and an entry fee.
  • The Thistle Hotel: This hotel is situated just north of the airport, and it has a 'Plane Spotters Package' that includes access to their rooftop terrace. It provides a fantastic vantage point of the northern runway (27L/09R). While there is a charge for non-guests, it's definitely worth the experience.
  • The Mound / Field near A3044 Stanwell Moor Road: Found to the west of Heathrow, this elevated grassy area offers a unique perspective of aircraft movements, particularly when they are using runway 27L/09R. It's a bit of a walk from the nearest parking area, but the views are worth it.
  • Hatton Cross Underground Station: Just a short walk from the station, you'll find a small area along the airport perimeter fence that offers a close-up view of planes taxiing, as well as takeoffs and landings on the southern runway. Be prepared for some noise, as you'll be very close to the action!

Remember that airport security is always a priority, so it's essential to follow any posted rules and regulations while plane spotting. Additionally, be respectful of nearby private properties and avoid trespassing. I hope this information helps you find a suitable location to enjoy the thrill of plane spotting at EGLL. Have a fantastic time!

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