fsx and sli

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hello guys,

I was wondering if a SLI system was helping or supposed to help fsx..
I got 2 evga 8800 gts 640mb in sli and I have seen no result in fsx..
My pc seems to tell me the SLI is up and running but no relfection in fsx..

can someone tell me a way to find out if SLI is working for sure or if it works with fsx


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on my pc I have a 700watt psu.. that powers

amd athlon x2 64 6000+
raptor hdd 80gb
250gb hdd
2 evga 8800gts superclocked
extra fans

if I get a 1000watt psu would it make a difference or not that much..

after making some tweak to fsx.cfg..
I run everything at extra high except for traffic at high and the water is at 2xhigh.. at toronto city center on the ground I get 20-25 fps

i know the tweaks did work cause before them I got 15-20fps

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I have Crossfire and crank my resolution up to 1920X1200, full screen and they seem to kick in.

At lower resolutions I didn't see the difference.


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i got 8gb ram 800mhz

i'll try to kick it up the resolution

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ya its pretty max out, the only thing I could change is the processor but i'll stick with mine héhééh

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