Does Active Sky X and X Graphics work with FS2004?

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I think I'm going back to FS2004 after having done my time with FSX. The only thing is that some of my addons were originally for FSX. Not sure if ACtive Sky X and X Graphics will work on FS2004 though.

What do you think?

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Heyjoojoo wrote:

I think I'm going back to FS2004 and moving back to XP Professional. Vista and FSX - why, why, why, why????

I am confused you are telling us your going back to fs2004 but in the topic it says that your asking us a question.

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well, yes. The question still stands. The rest of the message is just my ranting about Vista and FSX.

I wasn't sure if the question required additional details or specifics; it seemed simple enough as it was written. Sorry.

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Oh ok I see, well here is the site where I searched:

It looks like it is just for FSX because it requires you to have some of the Service Packs for it. I could be wrong though.

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