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Crying or Very sad I am dead serious guys and ladies, I am that PC ignorant but love to fly my FS2004. I want to add terrain and new airplanes, can someone help me PLEASE.

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copy it and whatever it comes with ex: you have a folder with aircraft etc and effects. Then go in the microsoft games folder and look and you will see a folder named aircraft gauges etc. You simply get w/e you just got that says maybe you just got a new aicraft and some new effects and gauges. Copy the new aircraft etc and put it in the microsoft fs9 aircraft, effects folders.

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use this it will help you and in no time you'll be adding aircraft before you know it and welcome to the forums

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acepilot32 wrote:

use this it will help you and in no time you'll be adding aircraft before you know it and welcome to the forums

lol thanks I was trying to find some kind of post instead of typing it all out.

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We need to link it from the first page of the website... this is like the absolute NUMBER 1 question asked here.

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That above mentioned post the infamous "post1800" is like trying to read the bible in ancient Greek.
Come on guys, times have moved on Yes you're better off looking for up-to-date instructions elsewhere such as flightsim, simviation etc.etc.

It's fair to say that every flightsim portal has installation instructions these days. If "post1800" is so good, how come the newbies after having read it keep coming back asking for additional help?

"post1800" STILL perpetuates the myth that you NEED WinZip to ectract .zip folders -- HELLO... anybody home!?! ANYBODY!?!

Having to learn how to use WinZip makes the task for total newbies even more arduous. But then- why use a simple method when there is a difficult one to add to the confusion Hack

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OK JACKAL1978, this is how i do it!, in "my documents" i created two files one called FS Downloads and one called FS Interim. When i find an aircraft or scenery i like i download it to FS Downloads. Now whatever method you use to unzip your files i unzip it to FS Interim.This way it's seperate from the original download folder and easier to see all the relevant files.
If it's an aircraft it could look a few different ways but normally you will have the aircraft folder eg "Spitfire MK 1", the gauges folder and the effects folder.

Move the aircraft folder to Windows/programme files/ Microsoft games/FlightSimulator9/Aircraft.

Open the gauges folder and copy all the gauges to Windows/programme files/ Microsoft games/FlightSimulator9/gauges if it asks you if you want to overwrite gauges, ONLY overwrite with newer gauges not older ones.

Open the effects folder and copy the effects to Windows/programme files/ Microsoft games/FlightSimulator9/effects

If there is a texture file within the effects folder then open this and copy the textures to Windows/programme files/ Microsoft games/FlightSimulator9/effects/texture.
Hope this helps. 🙂

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acepilot32 Captain ok follow that link and it'll tell you how to do everything

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