Help PLZ!: Screen flicker, Ati 9600pro and FS2004.

Snaxs Guest

when 2004 boots up the splash screen flashes on and off. then in create flight menu, does a little of the same. gameplay is fine and smooth unless i right click screen to use "change views menu' or press 'alt' to acces menus, the screen flashes black then back to normal game play. all this goes away when playing in windowed mode 'alt-enter'. I just maximize the window and its 'almost' like playing full screen. No problems what so ever. all the problems happen when in full-screen mode. it seems like when I right-click or alt. the graphics card is also trying to refresh the desktop which may be running in the back ground,,,just a theory...
I hope you guys can help...

ASUS A7N8X-delux
Athlon XP 2600
Ati Radeon 9600 Pro 128M
WD 40GB ata100 8MG
512m PC3200, kingston

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snaxs Guest

Sweet solution,, I was refered by another forum and many had great I gave it a shot and BAM,,,,PURE SWEETNESS!!! on the Radeon 9600 pro,,, no flicker at all...

OMEGA !!!! I salute you!!!

-good luck

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Are there any other solutions aside from running it on windowed mode?
If there is, please share it 😀 and it would be very much appreciated.
Currently i am running a similiar setup to your machine, with the
ATI 9500 pro as the biggest difference. Hope to hear from you soon..

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