The U.S. Navy uses MS Flight Sim for Newbies!

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It's a fascinating article of how the Navy and Flight Schools have discovered how Worthy FS9 really is.

Any out there find that it has helped them when they go to get their license????,1294,60830,00.html

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wow, that's pretty cool.

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Transport Canada approved FS98 as a tool for the IFR training syllabus in areas where one didn’t have access to static sim's. I.e. CYMM Fort McMurray Alberta, where I did mine. 😎

I’m 3/4 on the tail end of a multi, and FS9 is being considered for future program development's at our training facility, dont know what it's like since I havent used FS9 yet. 😞

FS helps to a point, maybe FS9 is better I don’t use that, but FS98 couldn’t handle weight/balance, fuel burn, mag compass drift/lag, virtual vs. real distance, nav behavior, wxo etc to any degree of reliable accuracy. Fun tool to take the edge off though. 😀

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I saw your post and have to say that I was reluctant about going from 2002 Pro to 2004....... I'm glad I did!!! HUGE changes in many places. The only thing I miss is the 3d and feeling of the aircraft beneath me. I just don't have the money to add the full motion effects *L*.

I bought my copy in Singapore while deployed. A couple other pilot friends of mine had my poor laptop running a total of 20-24 hrs a day *L*!!!

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