Screen Flicker - any known cure?

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Hi all,

I'm running a new brand new machine (core 2 6600) with 1024mb memory and an X1950XT graphics card. Generally, this lot gives me a framerate of around 40 fps in my config. However, there is an annoying screen "flicker" which is present at all (any) framrate.

It looks like what you used to get when you filmed a TV screen - a down-screen flicker at a constant frequency. I should say that it isn't noticeable in straight and level flight but becomes noticeable during roll, for example. It's at it's worst when you select a side (90 degree) view and put on some roll - and the more the rate of roll the worse it becomes. It is present on low scenery settings.

I've had it before with an entirely different machine and running FS2002, but it seems more noticeable with smoother framerates - if that makes sense. Could it be connected with the frequency of my monitor, i.e. a monitor problem? Monitor refresh rate is 60 Hz.

Does anyone experience this and is there any tweak or cure?

Any help gratefully appreciated.


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Do you have VSync turned on? if no, turn it on Wink

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Thanks but I don't know what Vsync is. Any ideas where I can check for this feature.

Thanks for your reply, I appreciate it.


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Google VSync. You'll find some very useful answers. I've read that it should be off, but read it for your self to be sure. Good luck! 🙂

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Thanks guys.

I googled it. I found an explanation. My problem is called "tearing" - disjointing of the image. Sounds painful? Embarassed

Can I get your opinions? Firstly, I assume that my VSync would be that found alongside horizontal under "synchronisation" in my graphics setup (CCC)?

I read it as VSync is ON. My max FPS within FS9 is 90 FPS so I can see that VSync would be recommended. However, VSync doesnt' seem to solve it. I tried triple-buffering and it's no better either. Next I thought about dropping the max FPS to below my screen refresh rate and tried that with and without VSync - no good. I tried 75 FPS with a 75 Hz refresh rate and the tear was preety much staionary at 2/3 way downscreen.

It seems that whatever combination of FPS/refreshrate/VSync I use I still get the "tearing".

Can anyone suggest a combination to try? Again I'd be grateful.

Thanks so far guys! 😀

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