Awesome FPS with Vista 64, Acceleration and this PC - Tweaks

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Tim (N9NU) Trainee

I know a lot if people would like to see Vista 64 disappear with respect to FSX and performance, but I am getting between 55-70- FPS with the following hardware and FSX settings. Granted I have one heck of a system, but it just goes to show you what DX 10 and a well equipped system can do with this game.

- ASUS L1N64-SLI Motherboard
- 4 GB of Corsair PC6400
- Two AMD 74-FX CPU's
- Two XFX 8800 GTX GPU's in SLI
- Two WD Raptor 150GB 10K Drives in RAID 0
- SB X-FI Extreme Gamer Audio Card
- Antec 850 Watt SLI PSU
- Saitek X-52 Pro FCS
- Cool It Systems Water cooler for both CPU's and both GPU's
- Hyundai 24" HDMI LCD Screen - 1920 x 1200 (Used in game)

nVidia drivers: 169.13
FSX installed with Acceleration on top.
DX 10 Preview is used
Slider for Target Framerate: Maxed (unlimited)
Game Resolution: 1920 x 1200
FSX.cfg file modified to take advantage of the wide screen. WideViewAspect = True / On

The graphics settings in the game are maxed out with the exception of a few which are either normal or above normal. Light Bloom is on as well as High 2.X water. Air traffic as well as ground traffic is a 1/4 of the way up.

I have modified my FSX.cfg file like most people and have also edited some options that few people know about. I will share them in a bit.

Attached are a few images of my system. Tomorrow I will be uploading all the mods I made to the FSX.cfg file as well as screenshots.

When I installed Vista Service Pack 1 RC1, I noticed a bit of improvement as well.

Despite Vista SP1 wont be out until Jan or Feb of 08, you can download it right now via a small trick that was discovered. Below is the link to the registry modification file and the link to the instructions on what to do. You will be downloading SP1 directly from Microsoft using Windows Update...yes it is actually that easy. My install was around 175MB for size. Follow the instructions as is and you will have access to SP1 in a just a bit. I have some links to screenshots of my system to show you. These are from one of my other PC's. It worked just fine. I will try it on the gaming PC which is shown below tomorrow.

Be sure and right click and use the "save as" command to save to disk.

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Chris Morris (morris91) Captain

God your packing a load there arnt yer.

I wish i had all that 😂

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Tom (cthiggin) First Officer

Anxious to "see" your tweaks........................
Are you oc'd................

I have a hi-end unit like yours, nVidia 8800GTs 640, BUT, am having shimmers on tarmacs and runway edges...............

I'll look for your tweaks.


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Tim (N9NU) Trainee

I have posted a link below which will let you download a copy of my FSX.cfg file as well as pictures of the settings from within FSX.

Below are my in game settings for FSX

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faust1200 First Officer

On your Vista info screen grab it says you are running 32 bit.

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Tim (N9NU) Trainee


The pictures at top are /were just to show you that the Service Pack 1 is installed. Those are from another computer. The gaming computer is what is shown below that. That is the one that FSX is on and that runs 64Bit


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