New pc with windows vista. Will fs2004 run?

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I should recieve my new computer within the next month. As far as hardware is concerned I am very very happy with it - it is more than five times more powerful than my current pc, but I am not so sure about the software. It comes with windows xp media edition and a free vista upgrade, which I suppose means that I have the option of not installing the vista. My question is this:

One: - should I install vista, or should I wait untill microsoft has got rid of some of the bugs that I have heard people mentioning, and buy the fixed edition.

Two: If I do install vista, will it run fs2004? - I am not planning on getting fsx until there are some decent addons made, so I will be using fs2004 for around a year or so more.

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I'd get Vista. Since its being released very soon, theyre already making drivers, and updates. Besides, youre gonna have to do it some day anyway 😉

FS2004 will work, because it worked on my system with RC2 😎

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Agree with Brownbox ... if you are going to wait to buy Vista until Microsoft gets the bugs out then you'll never have to buy it lol. Only reason they made Vista was because they gave up trying to fix XP 😀

But seriously (actually, I was) if you intend buying FSX then yu are probably better of getting Vista if for NO other reason than it (Vista) supports DX 10 and that is supposed to be a fairly big step up from DX 9. So depending on what hardware you are getting in your new computer, and I hope it is pretty top notch to run FSX, then Vista in the long run would be the way to go.

As Brownbox has said - sooner or later you will have no option but to buy Vista anyway,

AMD 4400+
2 Gig XMS dual 128 DDR
200 gig HDD
Creative Platinum X-Fi
Abit KN8-SLI

And I am stretching it to get FSX to run at High with that system. FS2004 runs flawlesly with evrything set to Ultra High and all other settings maxed out.

Sorry - got a little side tracked 😞

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I am pretty confident that my new system will run fsx. It has 2mb ram, a 512mb card, a good, dual core proccesor (one of the highest rated in the build list options in the build list,) and a 300gb hard drive.

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Not sure you're going to get very far with 2MB of RAM 🙂

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Well, if you have vista i think you can run fs9, maybe not as fast as you want, but i could run flight sim 2004 with my old toshiba satellite 1800/1805 series laptop wich has 8 mb video and 256 ram, at 15 fps, not bad but not so well.

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