autopilot leveller on default boeings

spuddi Guest

Hey, i've just noticed that on my default boeing 737-400 the wing leveller disengage button is missing. If I look at the learning centre and look up autopilot. it has a screenshot that shows the 737-400 autopilot panel with the leveller button on the right inbetween the back course button and the Yaw/Damper, but on mine its just an empty space.

Please can someone check whether it is this the same on everyones default 737-400?

if so why the screenshot in the tutorial?

I know now that you can disengage it using ctrl + v, However last night I wanted just the alt hold part of the a/p, but because I couldn't disengage the leveller the bird would not turn mannually and i had to use hdg hold also.

The learning centre says not to land the defaults using the app mode on the a/p but I tried it last night and it didn't break the undercarriage, although the passengers might have felt that I was a bit heavy.

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Byron Guest

There is no button for the wing leveller on the 737 panel. Just use ctrl+V to engage & disengage the leveller. I use this all the time on all aircraft as it is faster than using the mouse. 😀

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