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Hey! Good day to all!

I was re-installing my FS9 on my new computer, and after a while I noticed that some of the airplanes out of aAI-package "fr_mil.zip" were gone. Maybe I lost them somewhere in transmitting my FS9 system from my old to my new computer...
Anyhow, I asked the author Christian Meunier whether he could give me the information on where I could find the lost airplanes. He told me that some planes can no longer be retrieved, because the links to part of them don't work no longer....
So I am desperate now. My only chance would be if someone still has the whole set of airplanes "inclusive the FAF textures", because that is what I'm really missing. Indeed I still have the package "fr_mil.zip", but it doesnot contain the FAF-textures, and that is my problem for the following aircrafts:
AS532 - CP10 - D140 - F27MST - GrobLFRN - JAGR A - JAGR E - Lynx Naval AI - PAIA319 - PAI F900 - RobinLFRD - Schweizr - Super Etendard
All those aircraft are, together with many more, in the package without the FAF textures, so I couldstill use them if I find somebody who could tell me where I can find these FAF ( Frenh Air Force ) textures....

Can anybody give me some information please?


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