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Hi all,

I'm having a problem with how impatient ATC are within the Sim, if I don't immediately respond to their instructions.

What I mean is that I'm flying a route and all is fine, then I pop out of the room for 2 minutes to get a cup of char, and when I get back my flight plan has been cancelled because I didn't respond quickly enough to an instruction...

Now I know I shouldn't be leaving the cockpit unattended (my FO must be falling asleep 😂 ), but does anyone know of a way that I can change a file or a setting to increase the time before ATC start barking their "Please Acknowledge" demands, and then cancel my flight plan because I didn't respond ?

I appreciate I'm cheating here which isn't like me - but a pilot can not be without his tea and coffee!

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Well there is only one answer. My girlfriend is a hostie and I am prepared to rent her out.....for coffee/tea making duties only! 😉
I will prepare a rota....

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lmfao 👏

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New add-on from Just Flight coming soon :-

Just Flight Air Hostess 2004.


- Essential addition for FS2004.
- Make tea, coffee and a selection of cold drinks
- Serves a Hot meal (Veg option) for Flights over 2 hours.
- Sandwiches provided for flights under 2 hours.
- Choose from Blonde, Brunette, or "Barry".
- Never suffer having your IFR flight pland cancelled again !

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Somehow i'm less than surprised 🙄

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