TTT - The GPS kid is in Newport this weekend !

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

Hey TTT,

I'm down in Newport this weekend with the missus.... We're visiting my sisters new house, it's the new houses near the canal / river ..... (called Feering Street)...

Make the weather good for me !

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tomthetank Chief Captain

😀 😀 Providing you come on Sat. the weather will be sunny all day
If you get chance,take a trip over the new bridge(opened yesterday)and then spend 0.50p and go on the Transporter Bridge and see if its the same as the one you have up your end of the country( or did you realy sell it to the American Indians ROFL )
Only two left in the UK now(or is it )

I cant even recommend a sporting fixture for you,no rugby this weekend and Umm... you will be used to better football than we can offer 🙄
How about Jamie Cullum Dont Know for the bargin price of £145 or Motorhead for £20 on Sunday

No canal by you but you will be next to the River Usk(one of the highest rise and fall of tides in the UK)

Whatever you do,watch the roads as its cone city in parts and they change it just as we all get used to it Doh!
Im in Brum on Sat till early Sun morning so that pint you owe me will have to wait(dam) 🍻



No rugby TTT? Only the small matter of the All Blacks.... 😀

PH Guest

Like he rugby 😉

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tomthetank Chief Captain

Anonymous wrote:

No rugby TTT? Only the small matter of the All Blacks.... 😀

Oops!I meant local......Newport rugby club is a 1 min walk from where he is going /staying

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain certainly is /was.... Now TTT, I'm afraid you owe ME the pint now as it never stopped raining for a minute on Saturday !

My sisters house is 30 seconds as the crow flies from the new Bridge - in fact we missed our turning for Corporation Road and went straight over the new Bridge, when we arrived in Newport on Friday !

Also experianced the Transporter Bridge on Saturday - even got out of the car onto the "Gondola" for a better view - bargain for 50p - there were only 2 cars on it so they can't be making any £££ from it - good that they keep it open as a Tourist Attraction.

We also had a look around the indoor market (can't remember it's name), and there was a great "comic / Sci-Fi" type stall there that had lot's of ORIGINAL Star Wars figures and ships - fantastic to see but couldn't afford to buy any of them!

Newport has transformed in the last 4 years, theres Art and Craft Shops upstairs in the market, and the vibe is of a new city that's really on the up!

Catch you next time for that pint you owe me !

PS. I became addicted to Pobol y cwn, even though I couldn't understand a word of what was going on...... Welsh is such a difficult language !

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tomthetank Chief Captain

Oops! Rain,rain,rain Read I just dont understand it,my pine cones were all saying it was going to be sunny

😳 Pobol y cwm(People of the valley, the longest running British soap) If your hooked and have a digi box you can still catch it.

You mention how its changed in 4 years Umm... Wait another 4 and the old Kingsway shopping center should be gone

Because of the weather I think it had better be a couple of pints 🍻

I will start by going into training tonight,so I should be ready for your next visit 😉

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