refurbished stick?

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I am shopping for my first flight stick for my first flight simulator. I don't have to have the best. Therefore, I am looking for something in the sub $30 range.

I see Ebay has a few Logitech 3D Pro's for auction very cheap. The only drawback is they are refurbished.

This one doesn't say why it was refurbished...

But this site describes refurbished as:

Refurbished typically means that the customer returned the item for reasons other than being defective (e.g. a customer may have changed his or her mind, did not like the product, or had difficulty operating it). Whether it is returned a month later or the very next day, such an item must be identified as reconditioned or refurbished to be resold

Is this worth it for my level of experience, or a piece of junk?

I want cheap, not junk. Is there a difference?


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You can buy a new one for that with a guarantee, and you'll need it with a Logitech.
Make sure it has a twist handle for the rudder.


whitenack Guest

Yeah, I'm a little concerned about the reliability. I have read a lot of reviews bashing its quality.

My only problem is I am brand new to this and don't want to spend a bunch of money on the game and a stick that I have no quarantee of what I like.

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Go into CompUSA or some other large computer store, play with the demos, see which "feel good" and then buy it over the net cheaper.
Amazon will ship free, no tax over $25.
Take a look at Saitek.

I can't endorse one over the other, I use a MS Sidewinder USB and am very happy with it, but it's no longer in production as far as I know.


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I'm expecting the Cyborg Evo to be delivered to me soon

CSome fellow gamers were very enthusiastic about it,
and then considering the price, and the fact I don't want a stick typically shaped for right handed people - since Im a lefty Wink

Ill post my findings when I get it 🙂

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