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767-300 touch-down speed?

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nottobe Captain

flap 30 setting is 170 knots. Does that mean touchdown speed is 170 kts?
It seemed a far too fast landing to me......

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

170 KIAS is too fast for landing. Try 145 KIAS or close to it.

170 KIAS is maximum flap extension speed - any faster and you risk damaging the airframe.

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leachus2002 First Officer


I believe that the correct touchdown speed is vref+5.


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renesis Trainee

If you have the pleasure of using Level D 767 then the FMC calculates a Vref speed (a landing speed) and depending on weight. Press INIT when inflight and you'll see different Vref's for different flap settings.

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