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After shopping around for a faster cub, it's becoming apparent that FSX default aircraft are tough competition for addon creators!

Currently running FSX Sp2 and just started 7 day free trial of Abacus Platinum Aviat Husky, it looks good on my computer and runs well over all. But, the Husky for FSX has minor problems that make it annoying to fly.

1st, The ADF in the radio stack isn't tuneable. When I mouse the pointer over a frequency digit the pointer changes to +/-, but rolling the mouse wheel doesn't change the value. The comms radios and beacon transponder in the stack do operate properly using the mouse.

2nd, Because there is no intercom bar on the radio stack, when the ADF is receiving a morse code ident I have no way of unselecting the audio, that gets annoying quickly. Note there is a mute button on ADF, but that's not activated by the mouse.

These are minor

3rd, When I mouse over the throttle in 2d view, tooltips shows a caption saying [Throttle], but not the percent of throttle that is open as do FSX default models. I like to set power precisely, but can live with this realiziem.

4th, elevator trim indicator doesn't move to show actual trim.

5th, Like a lot of addons, the tool tips for instrument and controls in virtual cockpit (VC) view are unreadable.

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