PMDG 737 - "engine fail" after V1

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I have a slight problem with my FS9 pmdg 737s

Every time I prepare for take off, engage A/T, A/P,F/D etc. I accelerate until V1, and just before VR, there is a "engine fail" comment and my both engines stall with no possibility to turn them on again(even after pressing ctrl+E). I have to close the current session and restart it, then it doesn't occur anymore. I started both with cold&dark profile, with already engines running on the active runway, with FMC programmed, with none FMC etc. I tried different configurations and nothing works. It is on all my 737 models (-6..-7..-8..-9..). I have no programmed failures 'on', enough fuel, do everything (I assume) I should.
Any advice please? 😕

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Does this only occur with autothrottle? Could you try a fully manual take-off? Also, disconnect autobrakes.

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Check the PMDG options out,

There should be a Fail Engine 'x' at V1

Make sure your failure options are unchecked..

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